Hi! I’m Tom Humphreys Thomas Humphreys "Tommo" "Tommy Babes" "Tommohawk"

Welcome to my portfolio website!

I am a lover of the natural world, creative arts and adventure.

I apply my enthusiasm for compelling narratives by enabling people and businesses to tell their incredible stories with results driven gusto.

About Me

  • Music Fan

    With a funky blues persuasion…

  • Adventure Lover

    And huge camping enthusiast…

  • Film Nerd

    With a penchant for dark humour…

  • Keen Photographer

    With 5 exhibitions and counting!

  • Nature Advocate

    And massive lover of ants…

  • Space Obsessed

    …Next stop, MARS.

Professional Profile

You can find a full professional summary and my career highlights on LinkedIn or my Resume, but in short, I am an innovation-focused and creative marketing specialist. My marketing projects have told compelling stories and engaged thousands, generated playful controversy on high streets and made demonstrably positive differences for impassioned start-ups, burgeoning enterprises and industry leading organisations.

Nature Photography

Music Taste

I’ve plenty more Spotify Playlists on my profile!

I love creating videos of various exploits, including (but not limited to); wild camping adventures, making music, gaming, crafting medieval siege weapons and travelling.

Feral Sites was launched to capitalise on my energy for bringing compelling ideas and stories to life with “wild n’ vibrant WordPress websites”.

Too many passion projects and businesses miss out on the recognition they deserve because they don’t have a website. I’d like to change that.

Check out www.feralsites.com to see what my clients have to say!

Felony Sweepstakes is a satirical turn-based game of chance set inside a fictional US prison.

Players must manage the emotions and instincts of a lineup of Felons under increasingly difficult pressures.

This game features a unique character trait generation system and over 360 unique events for players to overcome.

A speculative fiction chronicling five seasons in an imperious and isolated expanse of the Amazon rainforest, where a corrupt and ill-fated city-building experiment is fracturing and igniting into warfare – several hundred miles away from the nearest known civilisation…