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Looking to launch a website? Let me help. I love bringing ideas to life with funky, striking WordPress sites.

  • Step 1: Outline your idea

    Sketch it with pen and paper, mock it up on Microsoft Paint, carve it into stone, doodle it on an etch-a-sketch or anything in between – I’ll accept any visualisation. Alternatively, just share your best description and let me generate some ideas and designs for you to consider.

  • Step 2: Share It!

    Once you’ve sent your design idea(s) over,  I’ll break it down, confirm deliverables with you and agree an estimated delivery date. If something sits outside my skill set, I’ll be honest – either suggesting suitable alternatives, outsourcing or simply being up front with and asking for additional time to work it out.

  • Step 3: Design & Launch

    With your approval on the plan of action and a solid idea of what you’re looking to achieve, I’ll then get to designing your snazzy new website. Expect regular progress updates along the way and feel free to share any new ideas or amendments with me. I’ll do my best to implement them into the design process as I go.

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